Welcome to the StoreEdit

Welcome to the Store. This is the fake applications store made by: Miguelsgamingch Download The applications from the link

What is this wiki or website?Edit

This site is where you download fake application mostly made by me but some of the applications are not made from me but i edited it to make it a real fake application

Fake applications: Edit

1.APP Installer

Made By:miguelsgamingch

Desc:All about downloading games and more ahhhhh the 90s the best

Only for:Windows vista,Windows 7,windows 8,windows 8.1,windows 10

Link for Download (GOOGLE DRIVE):

Please click download file to download when you click the link.


2.Miguels Password Game

Made By:miguelsgamingch

Desc:Find My password And you will win a Prize but you will find it hard

Only for:Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows 8.1,Windows 10 (NOT FOR WINDOWS VISTA)

Link For Download (GOOGLE DRIVE):

Please Click download file to download when you click link.


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Inquires: Edit

If you want to Publish your bat or vbs file to public here please email me at:

with your any name (NOT YOUR REAL NAME) and post your vbs or bat file on google drive and please put the link of the share file and please do not turn on private beacause anyone wont click the link please turn it to anyone but with the link (MAKE SURE ITS GOOGLE DRIVE)

and please tell what is the description of your vbs or bat file then your file will be on the list of fake applications.

ONLINE: saturday and sunday (sometimes:wenesday-friday)not online on monday-tuesday

Version: V0.0.5 ALPHA PUBLIC

Stats of the fake application store Edit

The stats of the fake application store since moderators and the owner only now open public to see it

Link to the download (GOOGLE DRIVE):


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